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Kevin spent his first seventeen years in Coos Bay, Oregon, finished high school in Fairbanks, Alaska, and worked summers on the Alaska Railroad to pay for college.   After graduating from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, he moved to Portland where he has lived for the past thirty years. In the 80s he wrote for Willamette Week, the Oregonian, and a number of regional publications.

He and his wife Marianne and two cats now live on an oversized lot above a permanent greenspace which shelters natural wildlife and urban strays, both human and animal. (Their cats came up from the park.) When he isn’t writing or fishing he takes on house and landscaping projects at home and for the occasional needy friend. His rates rise dramatically if he has to wear shoes. An earlier short story appeared in The Missouri Review. This is his first novel to be published.


Note to Readers

During salmon season last spring, I was in my office tapping away at the final draft of this novel—long after any creative intrusion might infect the manuscript—when the phone rang. Read more...

Writing 101

I have nothing to say.

I was awakened at 4:30 this morning by a dream of a salmon grabbing my lure. My rod tip went down in a series of violent tugs, and suddenly I was awake. Read more...

Over My Shoulder

When my agent Gail agreed to represent my manuscript, she said there was a rule of thumb that such books shouldn’t be longer than three hundred pages. At the time mine was that plus one, and—this being my first published novel—I assumed we were almost there. Read more...